From Ars Magna to Quantum Physics

10.00 Introduction

10.15 Veronica GAVAGNA
The meaning of Ars magna in Cardano's mathematical work

11.00 Lambert WILLIAMS
Chance, complex numbers, and the heuristic art of Girolamo Cardano

11.45 J. V. FIELD
Algebra and the art of getting answers

12.30 John STILLWELL
From perspective drawing to the eighth dimension

* *

15.30 George SPARLING
A primordial approach to unifying quantum mechanics and relativity

16.15 Jean DHOMBRES
From the fundamental theorem of algebra to the Heisenberg relations:
the role of complex numbers in physics

17.00 Michel BITBOL
Why is quantum mechanics a probabilistic theory?

17.45 Artur EKERT
Why quantum theory needs complex numbers

20 November
Bologna, Scuola di Studi Umanistici